The 'May McGoldrick Family Tree' Book Information


Our 16th Century Books
~~In The Thistle and the Rose, Colin Campbell and Celia Muir are introduced...
~~And we also introduce Alec Macpherson, who is the hero of Angel of Skye (Macpherson Trilogy)... 
~~Alec has two brothers, Ambrose and John, who are the heroes of Heart of Gold and The Beauty of the Mist, respectively...
~~In Angel of Skye, we also introduce a little boy, Malcolm MacLeod, and in Heart of Gold we introduce a little girl, Jaime...
~~When Malcolm MacLeod and Jaime grow up, they are the hero and heroine of The Intended. 
~~In Heart of Gold, we also introduce Gavin Kerr, who becomes the hero of Flame. 
~~In Flame, we introduce a number of characters who show up in The Dreamer, The Enchantress, and The Firebrand (the Highland Treasure Trilogy), including John Stewart, the earl of Athol.
~~The Highland Treasure Trilogy is the story of three sisters...Catherine Percy of The Dreamer, Laura Percy of The Enchantress, and Adrianne Percy of The Firebrand.
~~In The Enchantress, we introduce Sir Wyntoun MacLean, who also appears in The Firebrand.
~~In The Firebrand, we also introduce Gillie the Fairie-Borne, who will appear in Tempest in the Highlands in the Scottish Relic Trilogy. 
~~Colin Campbell and Celia (from The Thistle and the Rose) also make a 'cameo' appearance in The Firebrand...
~~Alec Macpherson and Fiona (from Angel of Skye) have three sons. The youngest, Colin Macpherson, is the hero of Tess and the Highlander.
~~Also, their two older sons (Alexander and James) will find their own stories in Much Ado About Highlanders, the first book in the Scottish Relic Trilogy.
~~The novella Say Yes to the Scot is the prequel to all Macpherson series, telling the story of Alec, Ambrose, and John's parents.  
~~Arsenic and Old Armor (Love and Mayhem) is a retelling of Arsenic and Old Lace. Some of the novel is set on Isle of Skye and there are references made to Angel of Skye.

Our 18th Century Books
~~In The Promise, Samuel Wakefield, the Earl of Stanmore, and Rebecca Neville/Ford are the hero and heroine...
~~In that book we also introduce Stanmore's friend, Sir Nicholas Spencer, who becomes the hero of The Rebel, which is set in Ireland...
~~Stanmore and Rebecca also appear in The Rebel...
~~In The Promise, we also introduce Rebecca's friend, Millicent Wentworth, who becomes the heroine of Borrowed Dreams.
~~Borrowed Dreams is the start of a new trilogy about three Scottish brothers, starting with Lyon Pennington, Earl of Aytoun. We also meet a new cast of characters who show up in the trilogy. Violet, from The Promise, plays a big role in this book, too. She will show up again in the third book in the trilogy, Dreams of Destiny.
~~In Captured Dreams, we see Lyon and Millicent and the entire household of Baronsford in Scotland, along with wonderful heroes and villains that David Pennington meets in colonial Boston. 
~~In Dreams of Destiny, the mystery of Emma's death is solved...

Our Regency Books

~~The Pennington Regency Series begins with Romancing the Scot, in which the children of Lyon and Millicent are introduced, beginning with Hugh and Jo, who open a crate shipped to them at Baronsford, only to find a nearly dead woman with a priceless diamond sown into her ragged travel dress. And yes, the young woman is a descendant of the Macphersons of Benmore. (As always, we can't let anyone go. :-))

~~In our Highland Christmas (Novella Collection) story, “Sweet Home Highlands”, the youngest Pennington sibling, Gregory, meets his match when he is tasked with conveying a beautiful young woman and her five-year-old niece from the Highlands to Baronsford for the annual Christmas Ball.

Our 19th Century Books
~~Ghost of the Thames…a Dickensian love story set in London.