The Promise

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Prequel to the Pennington Family Series

On a desperate journey to America, Rebecca Neville promises the dying wife of the Earl of Stanmore to raise and care for her newborn son, James. Once in the New World, Rebecca begins her new life, as a mother...

Ten years later, the Earl of Stanmore learns of the fate of his family. He sends to the colonies for his young heir so he can raise him as a peer of the realm. With no intention of forsaking her vow, Rebecca returns to England with James to face a future without her beloved charge. But she must also face her tumultuous past...

At first glance, the formidable Stanmore sends Rebecca reeling. But beneath his coldly attractive façade and seeming indifference to his son's plight, emotions roil. For there is more to Stanmore and his motives than meets the eye. The enigmatic lord has his own promise to keep, and a passion for Rebecca that cannot be denied...



McGoldrick’s gift for characterization extends from the book’s courageous heroine and wounded hero down to a fascinating cast of secondary characters, including a viperous villain and a wonderfully scheming mistress. This vibrant Georgian historical is perfect for readers who like a nice mix of history and passion. – Booklist Review (American Library Association)

This was one of the first books I had read where the heroine has a child to care for and I thought it might ruin the romance like what sometimes happens in real life with children, but I was wrong! This story is poignant and sweet. The pacing is done well - the hero and heroine are not rushed into any sexual intercourse off the bat. Instead the attraction and romance slowly builds to fire some sizzling, yet romantic love scenes. The story is strong so readers feel like they are actually reading a book with substance, rather than just a weak story that keeps throwing the hero and heroine together for sex. This is actually one element I really love about May McGoldrick. “She” actually writes substantial stories and not facades of a story. The romance is a main part of the book, but there is more to it than just that. There is depth to the story.
The descriptions are wonderful and allow readers to become immersed into the world of the characters. The writing style is very easy to read and detailed. As the condition of my copy of this book can attest to, I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book. - Amazon Reader Review

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The Rebel

sequel to...the Promise

WANTED…for crimes against the king
In retaliation for the brutality of the English troops. The Irish rebel Egan is fighting back, leading a secret group of revolutionaries—and building his legend across the country. 

REJECTED…by his own family
Jane Purefoy is a woman with a past. The daughter of an English magistrate, she watched her Irish lover die on the gallows. Now Jane’s reputation is ruined—and she has all but ceased to exist is the eyes of her family. 

DESIRED…with a forbidden passion.
Sir Nicholas Spencer is on his way to Woodfield House to court the youngest Purefoy sister when he runs afoul of Egan. Not a man to be cowed, Nicholas wrestles the rebel to the ground and unmasks him—only to uncover Jane’s lovely countenance. Bewitched by the spirited lass, Nicholas decides to keep her secret while embarking on a risky plan of seduction, one that will throw her family into chaos, the country into rebellion, and his heart into the throes of a love that can never be…

TOUCHED MY HEART! Nicholas and Jane’s story is wonderful as it deals with real Irish history. Our heroine has been devastated in her teen years, but this hurt makes her the selfless woman she has grown into. Our hero has had a good life, a bit of a rake...when he realizes he needs to have a purpose in life. Their story keeps you guessing. Great ending! - Amazon Reader Review

The classic rebel-in-disguise story has never been more fun, exciting, or romantic as it is in May McGoldrick’s fabulous new novel. Miss Jane Purefoy has all the talent, finesse and innate sexiness of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Don’t miss a word of her passionate adventures! – Susan Wiggs

Secret Vows

two complete novels: the promise & the rebel

The Promise
Running for her life on a desperate journey to America, Rebecca Neville promises the dying wife of the Earl of Stanmore to raise and care for her newborn son, James. Once in the New World, Rebecca begins her new life, as a mother.

Ten years later, the Earl of Stanmore learns of the fate of his family. He sends to the colonies for his young heir so he can raise him as a peer of the realm. With no intention of forsaking her vow, Rebecca returns to England with James to face a future without her beloved charge, but she must also face her tumultuous past.

The Rebel
Jane Purefoy is a woman with a past. The daughter of an English magistrate, she takes on the guise of the notorious Irish rebel, Egan, leading a secret band of revolutionaries against the brutality of the colonial troops.

Sir Nicholas Spencer is on his way to Ireland to court Jane’s younger sister when he runs afoul of Egan. Nicholas unmasks the legendary rebel, only to uncover Jane. Bewitched by her, he decides to keep her secret while embarking on a risky plan of seduction, one that will throw her family into chaos, the country into rebellion, and his heart into the throes of a love that can never be.

REAL HEROIC ROMANCE AND LOTS OF HUMOR! Secret Vows was Fabulous!! A very refreshing romance story with the right touch of history, politics, mystery and lots of witty fun moments! I’m a first time reader by Ms. McGoldrick and I’m now anxious to read the next book. Lord Stanmore and Mrs. Ford (Rebecca) had me laughing till the end.
The Rebel, the second book in this amazing edition, was by far one of the most touching, intense, courageous and juicy romances I have read as of late. With Ireland’s beautiful land as the background, The Rebel will touch your hearts as Nick and Jane find the meaning of true Love but not before struggling to disband everything that holds them apart. - Amazon Reader Review

NOT JUST THE AVERAGE HISTORICAL ROMANCE! I really enjoyed this box set. In fact I always enjoy the McGoldrick books. They usually have more than one plot going on at a time, and the history is spot on. I also like the fact that there’s always a sympathetic social subject in most of her novels. They’re not just the average historical romance. I will always be a fan. This box set will not disappoint! - Amazon Reader Review

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Borrowed Dreams

book one of the Scottish dream trilogy

Holt Medallion Winner for Best Historical Romance

Romantic Times Award Winner for Best British-Set Historical Romance

Driven to undo the evil wrought by her dead husband, Millicent Wentworth must find a way to save her estate and free the innocent people he enslaves. Her only hope is a marriage—in name only—to the notorious widower, the Earl of Aytoun.

Devastated by the tragic accident that killed his wife and left him gravely wounded, Lyon Pennington, fourth Earl of Aytoun, is tormented by the accusations that blame him for the catastrophe. Filled with despair, he lets his mother lure him into a marriage of convenience—for the sake of a good-hearted woman on the verge of financial ruin.

Under Millicent’s gentle gaze, Lyon begins to regain his strength and his wounded heart begins to heal. And soon Millicent discovers that beneath his unruly beard and grim demeanor, Lyon just may be the most handsome—and caring—man she’s ever encountered. For the first time in her life, she realizes that she is alive—alive with a smoldering desire for the one man she’ll love forever…

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I REALLY, REALLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK! I have started trying to leave reviews for every book. I leave good ones, and I have left some really bad ones. I am not nice, and I am a picky reader. This is the first book I have read by this author. AND I LOVED IT!!!
The storyline was very unique, with the hero suffering a fall and being paralyzed and drugged. This is how they met. Millicent is a widow who was beaten by her first husband, a vicious slave owner. This story tackles the issue of slavery, abuse, and the physical injuries that have left him unable to care for himself.
I really, really enjoyed the way this was written. Great story, and characters with depth. I saw real character growth, real emotion, and a story worth reading. - Amazon Reader Review

ONE OF THE BEST! This romance was one of the best I’ve read ... Not the typical story, it has flawed and unusual main characters who manage to overcome their difficulties. Their problems are realistic compared to many novels which makes for a very satisfying read as they resolve the problems. I highly recommend this one and plan to read more from this author. - iBooks Reader Review

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These Other Pennington Family Stories

Captured Dreams

book two of the Scottish dream trilogy

With a revolution beginning in America, she searches for family amidst danger and intrigue, and finds a man with a hidden identify…

A Pennington Family Story!

By day, Pierce Pennington is one of Boston's most respected and successful merchants. By night, he becomes the infamous Captain MacHeath, smuggling arms by sea under the pall of darkness in the name of liberty...

Portia Edwards will go to any length to find the family she's never known. All her life, she thought herself to be an orphan. Then she finds that her mother is not only alive, but here in Boston and being held captive by Portia's own grandfather. She will need more than a little help spiriting her mother away to England...

But asking for help is something Portia has never found easy. So even when she steals into her grandfather's masquerade ball and meets with the perfect opportunity to ask the dashing Pennington for help, stubborn pride stands in her way. Pennington would like nothing better than to forget about this proud young woman, yet he finds he cannot stop thinking of the night he met her in a garden...

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The author’s grasp and depiction of the political turmoil during that time made the danger and intrigue realistic and adds to the book’s already fabulous storyline. There was wit and humor in each of Portia and Pierce’s interactions, which of course became more passionate as they got to know each other. Readers of Borrowed Dreams will get more clues to the puzzle surrounding a childhood friend’s death. With her own kind of magic, McGoldrick made this historical a pleasure to read and I can’t wait to have all three in my collection. - Reader to Reader Review

Adventure - Mystery - History and a wonderful Love Story!! This was the first book I’ve read by this author and she is brilliant in the way she writes. She weaved a story of intrigue, mystery, love, and history on both sides of the Atlantic! I was entranced by the characters - and could not put the book down. - Amazon Reader Review

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These Other Pennington Family Stories

Dreams of Destiny

book three of the Scottish dream trilogy

“An entertaining book filled with murder, suspense, and humor, and …which stands alone as an exciting tale of the eighteenth century.”

—ALA Booklist

Gwyneth Douglas, a young Scottish heiress in London, writes scandalous adventure books under a pen name, doing so to protect her identity and her fortune. When an unknown blackmailer threatens to expose her secret life, she has no choice but to turn to an old family friend. But Sir Allan is a penniless baronet who will do anything to get his hands on Gwyneth's inheritance, even commit murder...
Wounded by scandal and the unsolved murder of his sister-in-law, David Pennington is outwardly insolent and arrogant, but upon discovering Gwyneth's plans to elope, he steps in, determined to keep her from ruining her future at the hands of a fortune hunter...
Forcing his company on Gwyneth during her journey to Scotland, David discovers that the passion he once shared with the feisty beauty has grown stronger than ever. But with their arrival in Scotland comes terrible danger. Now, if they ever hope to satisfy their fiery desire, they will need to thwart the evil that threatens to destroy both their lives...

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Well written, entertaining end of the Scottish Dreams Trilogy. After reading book one, I had to get book 2, then get book 3 to see how everything came together. Lots of great action and events that lead up to the answer to the question addressed in book one. Also, a different twist to the life of characters in this time period with one of the main characters being a female and a writer!! - Amazon Reader Review

Dreams of Destiny is complex and filled with internal and external conflicts and a variety of skillfully depicted characters. One needn’t worry over becoming confused, however; the McGoldricks are experts at leading their readers through the intricacies of their plots and at creating distinct individuals. Still, for maximum enjoyment, if you haven’t already read the earlier titles, I recommend reading all three novels in the right order. They are all excellent, as well as very different from each other (BORROWED DREAMS has a hero wounded in body and spirit, and CAPTURED DREAMS takes place largely in pre-revolutionary America), and I highly recommend them all. - Romance Reviews Today

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Scottish Dream Trilogy

three complete novels

Borrowed Dreams

Captured Dreams

Dreams of Destiny

Borrowed Dreams Driven to undo the evil wrought by her dead husband, Millicent Wentworth must find a way to save her estate and free the innocent people her husband enslaved. Her only hope is a marriage of convenience with the notorious widower, Lyon Pennington, fourth Earl of Aytoun, who just may be the most handsome-and caring-man she's ever encountered.

Captured Dreams  Portia Edwards will go to any length to find the family she's never known. And when she meets merchant Pierce Pennington, a staunch but secretive Son of Liberty, Portia has the perfect chance to ask for his help. But her stubborn pride keeps her silent. That is, until she recognizes her strong attraction to the brave man who, by night, is known as the infamous Captain MacHeath, smuggling arms by sea under the pall of darkness-all in the name of liberty...

Dreams of Destiny Wounded by scandal and the unsolved murder of his sister-in-law, David Pennington is outwardly insolent and arrogant. But nothing will stop him from escorting his childhood friend, Gwyneth Douglas, to Scotland and saving the Scottish heiress from fortune hunters. But with their arrival in Scotland comes terrible danger. Now, if they ever hope to satisfy their desire, they will need to thwart the evil that threatens to destroy both their lives...

I ENJOYED ALL FOUR AND WOULD GIVE 5 STARS... This was the fourth book that I have read by the husband and wife team writing under the name of May McGoldrick. I enjoyed all four and would give 5 STARS to The Promise, Borrowed Dreams, Captured Dreams, and Dreams of Destiny. The authors write an excellent story with some history thrown in which makes the stories very believable. They show the good and the evil that exists in this world and the love that conquers the evil. I will read more from these authors...
Read these four as a series and begin with The Promise even though it is in a different series. - Amazon Reader Review

ENGROSSING!! Very good read. I found myself emotionally involved with the characters. The hints at the full story from one book to the next is ingenious. You are given just enough information that it makes you eager to read the next one. As I finished the last story and all the intrigue was made clear, I found myself feeling relieved for some of the characters and heartbroken for others. This is my second set stories by this author, I am extremely impressed and will be looking forward to more for of her delightful way of weaving a tale. - Amazon Reader Review

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These Other Pennington Family Stories

Romancing the Scot

Book 1 of the Pennington Family Series

In this stunning series starter, meet the new generation of Penningtons...five brothers and sisters of passion and privilege.

Enter their aristocratic world…where each will fight injustice and find love.

Hugh Pennington—Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts, hero of the Napoleonic wars—is a grieving widower with a death wish. When he receives an expected crate from the continent, he is shocked to find a nearly dead woman inside. Her identity is unknown, and the handful of American coins and the precious diamond sown into her dress only deepen the mystery.

Grace Ware is an enemy to the English crown. Her father, an Irish military commander of Napoleon’s defeated army. Her mother, an exiled Scottish Jacobite. When Grace took shelter in a warehouse, running from her father’s murderers through the harbor alleyways of Antwerp, she never anticipated bad luck to deposit her at the home of an aristocrat in the Scottish Borders. Baronsford is the last place she could expect to find safety, and Grace feigns a loss of memory to buy herself time while she recovers.

Hugh is taken by her beauty, passion, and courage to challenge his beliefs and open his mind. Grace finds in him a wounded man of honor, proud but compassionate. When their duel of wits quickly turns to passion and romance, Grace’s fears begin to dissolve…until danger follows her to the very doors of Baronsford. For, unknown to either of them, Grace has in her possession a secret that will wreak havoc within the British government. Friend and foe are indistinguishable as lethal forces converge to tear the two lovers apart or destroy them both.

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FIVE STARS… The story was excellent! This couple faces some severe challenges that would not easily be overcome by anyone, and yet together they pull through and become stronger. I really really loved the story line…This book was the best I’ve read from an author I didn’t already know in a long while. I do hope you will grab it up as soon as you have a chance.
- Showie, SHHHWeAreReading WordPress Blog and Goodreads Review

RECOMMENDED... Hugh and Grace are a well-matched pair, and the authors give their relationship ample, and realistic, room to grow....This is a series, and readers will be happy to follow into the next installment.
- Jane Jorgenson, Library Journal Review

FIVE STARS… An outstanding read….The characters in this book are phenomenal. Grace and Hugh’s story is loaded with suspense, action, drama, humor and sizzle. This story grabbed me on page one and didn’t let go until the last page. I loved reading Romancing the Scot and look forward to reading more from May McGoldrick in the future. Romancing the Scot is Book 1 of The Pennington Family Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.
- Deb Diem, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… From start to finish, it was packed with action, mystery, romance, spy vs spy, murder, you name it, it has it all! and darn, I just couldn’t seem to put it down that I just had to finish it in one sitting - finally ended at 4 am (thank you for the eye bags, Ms. McGoldrick!)
- V SB, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… What a totally captivating story, from beginning to end!! I loved that the heroine was a strong woman. It is a story that about romance, murder & mystery. This book is very well written! I can’t wait to read more books by this author!
- Denise, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… Extremely enjoyable. What a great story! The flow was so perfect, I found it hard to stop reading.
- La Cava, Goodreads Review

RECOMMENDED...War is a terrible thing that attacks victims and survivors alike. Romancing the Scot explores this difficult subject with empathy and depth, all wrapped in a lovely and moving romance.
-Cheryl Sneed FIRST LOOK - Heroes and Heartbreakers


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It Happened in the Highlands

Book 2 of the Pennington Family Series

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Pennington Family Stories

It Happened in the Highlands

Book 2 of the Pennington Family Series


A jilted bride...

A duel at dawn...

A long-hidden secret...

A second chance at love...


Lady Josephine Pennington was jilted by her fiancé once rumors spread about her questionable origins. Her adoptive parents have always provided her with the love and protection she’s needed to feel secure, and over the last sixteen years she’s molded herself to meet the expectations of others. When she receives a package from the Highlands containing sketches where the subject is eerily familiar, Jo believes she might have found a clue to the identity of her birth mother.

When Captain Wynne Melfort ended his engagement to Jo Pennington sixteen years ago, he never imagined he would see her again. But after he uncovers information that could reveal the truth about Jo’s parentage, Wynne feels bound by duty to right an old wrong and inform her of his find. He didn’t expect for feelings long thought dead to resurface, for in his mind a love departed was gone forever.

As they strive to unravel the mystery of her birth, Jo must learn how to trust the man who’d once rejected her and Wynne must reconcile his head with his heart. But as secrets of the past begin to surface, evil forces will stop at nothing to keep Jo from uncovering the truth and reclaiming her legacy. Together, Jo and Wynne must fight the deadly menace lurking deep in the Highland mists.



aUdiofile Magazine

Audiofile Earphones Award.png

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Reviews of It Happened in the Highlands

“An amazing historical romance. May McGoldrick has delivered a book that is well-written and loaded with fantastic, lovable emotional roller coaster. There is plenty of drama, humor, action, suspense and spice to keep readers glued to this book. I enjoyed every page.” - Deb Diem; GoodReads Review

”Woven with hope, despair, love, envy, jealousy and cruelty, Ms. McGoldrick covers a range of human emotions and gives the couple the strength to rise above them. It is a wonderful read, evoking hope despite obstacles.” - Amary Chapman; GoodReads Review

”Love, love, love May McGoldrick!.... Great characters in this sweet historical romance. A real page-turner as several mysteries unfold.” - T. Anderson; GoodReads Review


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These Pennington Family Stories

Sleepless in Scotland

Book 3 of the

Pennington Family Series

A wounded hero...

A woman with secrets...

A killer lurking in the mists...

Scandal, love, and the hand of fate...

Captain Ian Bell is a tortured man fighting through grief and guilt over the loss of his sister. When she went missing, he searched for months until he found her remains. Now, three years later as the Deputy Lieutenant of Fife, Ian still hunts for her murderer in the dangerous criminal underworld of Edinburgh. He is the ‘Night Watch’ bent on revenge even as he saves others from the same violent fate that claimed his sister. Then one night, a young woman narrowly escapes death and lands at his feet...his late sister’s best friend, Phoebe Pennington.

Lady Phoebe Pennington—dreamer and storyteller to her family—is a committed reformer writing articles anonymously for an Edinburgh newspaper. One night, in an effort to acquire documents embarrassing to the city’s political leaders, Phoebe descends into the corrupt and seething netherworld known as the Vaults. When she tries to save a street urchin from an assailant,she becomes the target of a violent attack, only to be saved by the one man she has desired for years.

Ian’s attraction to Phoebe is as undeniable as it is unexpected,and she awakens in him passions he thought long dead. Fearful that she doesn’t understand the dangers of this criminal world, he is determined to save her from the risks she takes. Phoebe’s blood burns for Ian, but when she learns that he may be implicated in the scandal she is set on exposing, she finds herself torn between love and truth. But even as they strive to find the meaning of trust,fate is taking a hand. For Phoebe is the only one who has seen the face of the killer, and the sinister shadows of evil are closer than they imagine.

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These Pennington Family Stories

Sweet Home Highland Christmas

 A Pennington Family Story


'Tis the season to fall in love!

RITA Finalist[10].png

Freya Sutherland is a desperate aunt trying to keep custody of her precocious young niece, Ella, even if if means marrying for security instead of love.

Recently retired from the military, Captain Gregory Pennington wants nothing more than to make it home in time for Christmas, but he's asked to escort some travelers from the Highlands to the Borders.

When Freya and Penn meet, their chemistry is instant. Once they realize he's their escort for the journey, there's no escaping their attraction. But Penn has plans that do not include a wife and child. And Freya has responsibilities as Ella's guardian, no matter her growing discontent with her upcoming marriage. With Ella conspiring to get them together, Penn and Freya might just experience a little magic during this SWEET HOME HIGHLAND CHRISTMAS!

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FIVE STARS - This little tale was sweet, sexy and a wee bit funny.
I was so sucked in by this story that I’m desperate to read more from this author.
- Stacey is Sassy Review

FIVE STARS… Hilarious.
- Danielle Urban, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… A sweet and touching story filled with love and dedication….Their chemistry is amazing.
- Rosemary K, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… I absolutely loved this book! I had never heard of this author but this book made me love her! This one….really surprised me. Loved it! Great read!!
- Sandy Kelly, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… I loved everything about this short story!....Penn and Fie are two very compelling characters with great chemistry....I enjoyed this story so much that I downloaded Penn’s parents book Borrowed Dreams.
- Lori Meehan, Goodreads Review

FIVE STARS… The drama, sizzle and antics…will keep readers glued to their e-readers. I love the humor. Kudos to Ms. McGoldrick.
- Deb Diem, Goodreads Review


"Sweet Home Highland Christmas" is Part of the Pennington Family Series

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These Other Pennington Family Stories



Dearest Millie

A Pennington Family Novella

Lady Millie, youngest of the Pennington family, has always lived in the shadow of her talented and powerful siblings. She’s been the rock of stability and order for her sisters and brothers. Her future looks bright until fate deals her a tragic hand.

Dermot McKendry is a former surgeon in the Royal Navy who has returned to his home in the Highlands to open a hospital. As disorganized as he is passionate, he is a man with wounds and a secret past he has worked a lifetime to hide.

Providence brings them together, but their future may lie beyond redemption. Dearest Millie is a poignant tale of two lovers, life’s calamities, and the healing power of the human heart.

Available Now

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“Such a beautifully written story that pulled at my heart... A tale of how much the human spirit can take and persevere even with humor at times. Throw in some wonderful animals and a few other tidbits and the author takes you on a journey that you will not soon forget. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great story!”
—Lori D., GoodReads

“OH! My! Goodness! This is the sweetest, most heartwarming book I have read this year. It sucked me in at the first word and I don’t think it has let me go yet. I’m still basking in the warmth and light…”
—Barbara Rogers, GoodReads

“I fell in love with the book from the start... [Millie and Dermot] discover their passion is something they cannot deny and live for today because we don’t know what tomorrow brings our way. A great lesson for all of us!!! May McGoldrick has written an excellent book about one of life’s difficult situations.”
—Debbie Glenn Brown, GoodReads

“This is one of the Dearest books I’ve ever read, it’s so beautiful and touching, I can’t get over the emotion that pulled at me whilst reading it. I cried and laughed in equal measure….a beautiful, romantic story…”
— Maggie Whitworth, GoodReads

“One of the warmest, sweetest, most loving tales I may have ever read. The way love shines in this book warms my heart. It also shows me that sometimes the human heart can heal almost anything.”
—Alison, GoodReads

I read this engrossing emotional novella in a sitting, I laughed & cried, I couldn’t put it down. Millie is the last Pennington sibling to have their HEA...the whole series is brilliant & this is a very fitting finale.”
—Janet, GoodReads

“A beautiful novella that feels more like a full book. I don’t usually get so emotionally involved in short stories. Yet “Dearest Millie” definitely melted my heart, I both laughed and cried reading this spectacular read.”
—Barbee (CelticBarb), GoodReads

“There was so much humor in this story I could not stop laughing. May’s characters come alive and you can’t help but fall in love with them. Her descriptions are so vivid and clear that you feel as if you are back in the 1800s in the Regency era.”
—Kat Wiley, GoodReads

This was such an emotional read, at times I was in tears and at other times I was amused....I loved this book.”
—Cheryl, GoodReads

I loved that Millie does not follow the rules of the time and goes after what she wants...Give it a try, you will laugh out loud, be sad, and happy at the end.”
—Nancy, GoodReads

I couldn’t read it fast must read this one for yourself. It is a wonderful read.”
—Jan Goodard, GoodReads

”Just beautiful - a premise that touches so many of us and told, as always, with sensitivity, love and style.”
—Linda Brown


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These Other Pennington Family Stories

Highland Crown

The Royal Highlander Series

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion…  

The Radical War of 1820 is tearing Britain apart. In Scotland, cries of liberty, equality, and fraternity ring out in the streets, and the planned visit of the newly crowned British king fuel is fueling the Rising.

In this new series, three extraordinary women must find the courage in the Highlands to fight for the future of a nation.

Highland crown


Inverness, 1820

Perched on the North Sea, this legendary town is a place where Highland rebels and English authorities clash. Among the fray is a lovely young widow who possesses rare and special gifts.

WANTED:  Isabella Drummond

A true beauty and trained physician who has inspired longing and mystery in a great many men, Isabella is being hunted by Englishmen and Scottish rebels both. She’s escaped to the Highlands in search of survival.

FOUND:  Cinaed Mackintosh

Cast from his home as a child, Cinaed is a fierce soul who answers to nobody but himself. . .until Isabella saves his life—and adds more risk to her own. Now, the only way Cinaed can keep her safe is to return to the place from which he was banished. When the truth of his past comes out, what will these two ill-fated lovers sacrifice to be together…forever?

Now Available!

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“Highland Crown is steeped in the history of Scotland in the 1820s and lays a solid foundation for the intense romance built on top of it....Where history stops, imagination takes off, and McGoldrick seamlessly blends real history with her invention of connections, people and events. Against the fierce action of capture and escape, Cinaed and Isabella’s story of hope unfolds....Highland Crown is one of the best Regency-era books I have read in recent months, and it is a worthwhile addition to your home library.”
– Keira Soleore, Frolic Reviews

“With a fast-paced storyline and great character development, this title is a must read. HIGHLAND CROWN had a ton of history elements that will satisfy any history buff, without skipping on the romance .... An epic start to a new Historical Romance, I can’t wait to read more about Cinaed and Isabella.”
– Yearwood La Novela Review

“From the very first paragraph I knew this was going to be impressive. It just had a great vibe .... With a unique theme that makes this book an addictive read, the pages just fly by. I love the blend of history, romance, and spicy heat! Plus, the heroine is pretty bad-ass for the time too. No wilting flower here! In fact, all of the characters are pretty awesome, whether bad guys or good! They are beautifully blended and memorable!”
– A Midwife Life Blog Review

“Plenty of twists and turns....strong chemistry between Cinaed and Isabella and just the right amount of romance without overshadowing the overall story arch. If you are new to historical Scottish romance, this would be a good introduction..”
– That’s What I’m Talking About Blog Review

“McGoldrick has created an intriguing story with a list of characters that are well-written with mysterious backstories. Isabella and Cinaed’s love story is packed from beginning to end with drama, action, humor, steamy sexy bits, suspense, and an ending that is sure to catch you by surprise. Highland Crown is full of heart-wrenching adventure that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. I was drawn in from the beginning and was taken to another world through McGoldrick’s stellar writing and captivating storytelling. I highly recommend Highland Crown to anyone who loves an intriguing historical romance.”
– Lovely Loveday Blog Review

“If you are anything like me when looking to read Historical fiction I simply adore it when the author is able to weave in actual events of historical nature into the fiction making me think – yes, this could be very true! In Isabella and Cinaed’s case, who’s to say these adventures didn’t take place?.... a plethora of secondary characters whom you’ll love and hate, but you won’t forget. Highly recommended for the adventure, the fast pace, and the lovely romance.”
– Color Me Read Blog Review

“This new series a fast-paced, well-written trip through a fictional Scottish landscape loosely based on historical events. Readers will soon be caught up in Cinaed and Isabella’s love story.”
– Library Journal Booklist Review

“The characters are well developed, as well as the conflict that surrounds them …. fighting for what they believe in and finding solace in each other’s company .... Highland Crown is an enjoyable well written historical that I would recommend.”
– Veronica, Affaire de Coeur Magazine Review

“An amazing, fascinating historical romance. This story has provided readers with glorious characters and now Highland Crown is on my favorite book list….A beautiful tale of Scottish history and full of emotion.”
—Hieu, GoodReads Review

“*swoons* This book did so many wonderful things for my romantic heart. Rich in history, romance and action this book will have you hooked on all fronts.”
—Fae Crate Review

“Isabella and Cinead are thrown together in a truly interesting adventure culminating in a satisfying ending. This is one of the best tales of Scottish history. I could hardly put the book down.”
—Patricia Solla, GoodReads Review

“I’m a big fan of Scottish Highlander stories, like Outlander, and they tend to be my go-to when I’m not sure what type of read I’m in the mood for. This story weaves fiction and history, bringing events and political intrigue to life in the Scottish Highlands….Isabella and Cinaed’s story is packed with drama, action, humour, sexy times, suspense and some wonderful secondary characters like Jean that you grow to love as well.”
—Suzanne, GoodReads Review

“This sweeping Scottish Historical romance is filled with historical pageantry at its best.
In the vein of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series, this is a ‘can’t put down’ read....A winner!...Not to be missed by fans of history woven with mythic Scottish romance.”
— Brenda, GoodReads Review


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Highland Jewel

The Royal Highlander Series

Book 2

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion…  

The Radical War of 1820 is tearing Britain apart. In Scotland, cries of liberty, equality, and fraternity ring out in the streets, and the planned visit of the newly crowned British king fuel is fueling the Rising.

In this exciting new series, three extraordinary women must find the courage in the Highlands to fight for the future of a nation.

Highland Jewel

As violence breaks out in the streets of the Scotland’s cities, Maisie and her family escape to the Highlands. But can she give up the fight…and the one man she’s ever loved?


Edinburgh, 1820.

Scotland’s capital is rocked by angry protests in the wake of the Napoleonic wars, and home to a young woman who will fight passionately for her cause—and her heart’s desire.


Maisie Murray’s sweet, docile exterior masks the courageous spirit of a firebrand determined to champion women’s suffrage with like-minded friends. But fighting for her principles has swept her directly into harm’s way—and into the arms of a man she cannot resist.   


A trained officer with the Royal Highland Regiment, Niall Campbell has spent his life serving the Crown. Battle-weary and searching for peace, he can’t help but step in when his sister’s activism risks her life—and leads him to Maisie. But unless Niall and Maisie can find a way to stand up to the destructive forces that threaten to divide them, long-buried secrets and political schemes are destined to stand in the way of the glorious love they’ve found…

Available September 24, 2019

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“Fast-paced and filled with political unrest ... Fans of romances with mystery, accurate historical intrigue, and magnetic characters will thoroughly enjoy this installment.”
— Publishers Weekly Review

”Loved this book! This is a deeply engrossing story of a young woman, Maisie, who is in love with a retired military man, Niall. They are caught in a time of great turmoil, as Maisie leads a women’s reform movement that is in direct conflict with laws. This puts her in the crosshairs of unscrupulous enforcers of the recent laws. At the same time, Niall is being pressured to take a position of authority with these same enforcers. When unimaginable events unfurl, the trajectory of their lives, and those close to them, are completely changed and redirected.
I found myself totally immersed in this book and flipping pages just as quickly as possible. The characters had depth and felt real as they came to life on the pages.”
— Linda Quick, GoodReads Review


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These Other Exciting Regency-Era Stories

Highland Sword

The Royal Highlander Series

Book 3

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion…  

The Radical War of 1820 is tearing Britain apart. In Scotland, cries of liberty, equality, and fraternity ring out in the streets, and the repressive actions of the Crown and Parliament are fueling the fires of rebellion.

Three extraordinary women escaped to the Highlands of Scotland at a tumultuous moment in time. Hunted by the British authorities, each of them had to find her identity and her place in history.  

Highland Sword

Sworn to fight, destined to love…


Fleeing to the Highlands after her father’s murder, fiery Morrigan Drummond has a score to settle with Sir Rupert Burney, the English spymaster responsible for his death. Trained to fight alongside the other rebels determined to break Britain’s hold on Scotland, she swears to avenge her father’s death—until a chance encounter with a barrister as proud and principled as she is presents her with a hard choice…and a bittersweet temptation.


Aidan Grant has never encountered another woman like dangerous beauty Morrigan—and he has the bruises to prove it. Yet she could be the key to defending two innocent men, as well as striking a death blow to the reprehensible Burney. Convincing Morrigan to help him will take time, but Aidan is willing to wait if it means victory over corrupt government forces and freedom for his people…and Morrigan’s hand in marriage. Can two warriors committed to a cause stand down long enough to open their hearts to a love fierce enough to last…forever?


Available March 31, 2020

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These Other Exciting Regency-Era Stories

Dukes by the Dozen Anthology


What’s better than a dashing duke? A dozen of them! In this case, a baker’s dozen—thirteen of your favorite historical romance authors have come together to bring you more than a dozen tantalizing novellas, with one per month, for a year’s worth of never-before-released romances.

How to Ditch a Duke

A Pennington Family Novella

Lady Taylor Fleming is an heiress with a suitor on her tail. Her step-by-step plan to ditch him is simple. But there is nothing simple about Franz Aurech, Duke of Bamberg.

Taylor tries to escape to sanctuary in the Highlands, but her plans become complicated when the duke arrives at her door and her loyal allies desert her.

And even with the best laid plans, things can go awry…


Here’s Your Ducal Calendar!

January – The Duke in Winter by Alyssa Alexander

February – The Difference One Duke Makes by Elizabeth Essex

March – Discovering the Duke by Madeline Martin

April – The Duke and the April Flowers by Grace Burrowes

May – Love Letters from a Duke by Gina Conkle

June – Her Perfect Duke by Ella Quinn

July – How to Ditch a Duke by May McGoldrick

August – To Tempt A Highland Duke by Bronwen Evans

September – Duke in Search of a Duchess by Jennifer Ashley

October – Dear Duke by Anna Harrington

November – Must Love Duke by Heather Snow

December – The Mistletoe Duke by Sabrina York

January – Dueling with the Duke by Eileen Dreyer

Available Now

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