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Tess and the Highlander

A Macpherson Clan Novel

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Tess Lindsay has spent most of her life on the remote Isle of May, uncertain of heridentity. Raised by the two sole inhabitants of the island, she is left to fendfor herself after their deaths, until a stranger washes ashore in a storm. Tess pulls him from the surf, not knowing that in saving the Highlander she is saving herself.

If good looks and a taste for adventure are a curse, Colin Macpherson is destined for ruin. Until he ends up a castaway on Tess’s windswept island, he’s been roaming the seas, seeking fame, fortune…and a different girl in every port. But his fascination for this strong-willed lass goes beyond her wild beauty, intriguing him as no girl ever has.
As Colin gains her trust, Tess reveals what little she knows about herself and her past. From her scant clues, though, Colin comes to one conclusion: he must return Tess to the mainland to reclaim her birthright, even if it means losing her to a destiny that does not include him.

RWA RITA Award Finalist for Best Historical Romance Novel

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Book two of the Royal Highlander Series

Scottish pride, persuasion, and passion…  

The Radical War of 1820 is tearing Britain apart. In Scotland, cries of liberty, equality, and fraternity ring out in the streets, and the planned visit of the newly crowned British king fuel is fueling the Rising.

In this exciting new series, three extraordinary women must find the courage in the Highlands to fight for the future of a nation.

Highland Jewel

As violence breaks out in the streets of the Scotland’s cities, Maisie and her family escape to the Highlands. But can she give up the fight…and the one man she’s ever loved?

Between now and the september 24th release date of Highland jewel, we’ll be holding weekly drawings to give away a print Advance Reading Copy.

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August 16th - Alisha Woods, bentonville, arkansas

August 9th - Bev graham, Ocean, new jersey

August 3rd - Sandy Blanchard, Mosinee, WIsconsin

July 26th - Suzannah Clark, Rancho Cordova, CAlifornia

July 19th - Mary Pereira, Bristol, Connecticut

July 12th - Marita Beckert, Colorado springs, colorado

July 5th - Amber niebaum, Great Falls, Montana

June 28th - Anthony Landry; Gonzales, Louisiana

Next drawing on August 23rd…Check back then!


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