Highland Crown

Royal Highlander Series: Book 1



“BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY …. Absolutely positively loved this one. A wonderful read by a superb author. There is nothing missing within this story. It has layers, it has emotion, it has plots and characters you will adore. Each moment of this story was captivating to me as well as immersing me in history. I love the way it was written, I like the way this author is so very creative that she draws pictures in words and creates movies in the readers minds. Each and every page you will turn wondering what is next. I was really sad to see the book end. I will keep my eyes out for more of this one. For an absolutely fantastic read buy this book!

– Anna S., NetGalleys Review

 “Riveting! From beginning to end. Wow! What a story!….This is one of the best books I have read, full of action, intrigue, romance, a little humor, and rich in history.”

– Jan G., NetGalleys Review

 “I adored this book! I truly enjoyed this wonderful historical romance and I couldn't put it down!  Cinaed and Isabella were strong characters that fought for their loved ones and for those in need.  Together they embark in an adventure and romance blooms between them. The authors did a wonderful job with the story line including actual historical events and fiction to tell us a story of adventure and romance in the Highlands. The stories will continue with Cinaed and Isabella's story in future books to come, but we will also learn the fate of her stepdaughter and sister.   

  Exciting from the first page to the last.  If you have never read or enjoyed historical fiction or romance before, then this novel will make you an instant fan!”

– Reviewer 448609, NetGalleys Review

 “Highland Crown is the first in a new series by the husband/wife team - May McGoldrick. And friends, I Loved it! I couldn't put it down and read straight through the night. This book has everything I treasure in romance. A complicated yet intelligent heroine, a misunderstood yet caring hero, mystery, and intrigue with our hero's past, drama to overcome within the book, yet setting up enough open-ended issues to entice me to read more. And friends, I want more. I want this series done. Because I cannot wait to read how Isabella and Cinaed's relationship deepens, and how others’ love stories might follow.

  Everything about this book made me want to keep reading. The writing is crisp, creating lovely allusions and described in such a way that I felt I was there with them, along for the ride. The dialogue felt natural and not contrived. Finally, the sparks flew with our leads. I kept getting zingers through my body with each glance. Simple moments where clothes were still on and body parts hadn't even touched. The chemistry is fantastic.

  I cannot wait for the next installment.”

– Tanya K., NetGalleys Review

  “I adored this book! I loved the main characters SO MUCH and rooted for them to be together from the moment they met. The backstory of why everyone was after both characters was told so wonderfully that I was just as in love with their history and the world surrounding them as I was the characters themselves.”

– Meagan D., Bookseller, NetGalleys Review

  “I just loved this….I love the mix of history and adventure and romance in May McGoldrick books, and this first book in a new trilogy didn’t disappoint….I absolutely loved the use of real history and fiction in this book. The plot was exciting and pacy and very satisfying. The relationship between to two main characters is lovely. So nice to see an older heroine, capable and competent. Their connection develops very well and was pleasingly free of misunderstandings and lack of communication. They are both admirable characters it was easy to like and root for. It was lovely to see Cinaed’s protectiveness not result in hobbling Isabelle’s actions. All in all a most satisfying romance and book. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  Highly recommended.”

– Librarian 505034, NetGalleys Review

“As an avid and critical reader of historical romance, I have very few that qualify as my favorites, but Highland Crown is now top of my favorite list. It is rare for a book that I’ve just finished to scream at me to read it again but this one does…Fine and well-detailed, a crafted storyline…The weaving of fiction and history together was done effortlessly and beautifully. I could envision every scene as if watching a movie and indeed, this could end up being a great motion picture....Great storytelling and very lovable characters.” 

— Jen, GoodReads Review

  “Cinaed Mackintosh was everything I love in a Scottish hero. He was brave and strong, dependable, loyal and protective. He was a leader with a heart of gold…the romance is emotional and touching.

 —Michelle, GoodReads Review

 “It is loaded with fascinating history AND there is a compelling romance as well….This book is full of heart-stopping adventure…I was so happy to find out that the love story (and history-embedded story) of Cinead and Isabella is not over.”

—Diane K. Peterson, GoodReads Review

 “A fantastic historical romance…a stellar cast of characters….Isabella and Cinaed's story is packed cover to cover with drama, action, humor, steamy sexy bits and suspense.”

— Deb Diem, GoodReads Review

"Fast paced and exciting, this book sweeps you away in the waves of unrest and the fight for Scotland’s freedom. The story weaves fiction and history, bringing events and political intrigue to life....a fierce love story."

— Kathy Bunbury, GoodReads Review

 "Excellent story....I felt like I was in the period. So much conflict and questioning who to trust was clear. The romance was a nice story too...now I can't wait to read the next installment of this series. Great reading!"

— Niki, GoodReads Review

The characters are well developed, as well as the conflict that surrounds them …. fighting for what they believe in and finding solace in each other’s company .... Highland Crown is an enjoyable well-written historical that I would recommend.

– Veronica, Affaire de Coeur Magazine Review 

“A riveting tale that will keep you entertained for hours. The characters jump off the pages.”

— Cindy, GoodReads Review

 “This book had me engrossed from start to finish! Absolutely loved this book!”

— Jeanette, GoodReads Review

  “Highland Crown is a breathtaking novel which will pull you right into the heart of the action from the very beginning…absolute perfection!”

— Becca Bradley, GoodReads Review

 “May McGoldrick at her best…absolutely fantastic…This book sucked me in, leaving the real world to fend for itself around me.”

— Alison, GoodReads Review

 “It’s been a while since I fell into a novel as effortlessly as I did with Highland Crown. From page one I could feel the world around me slipping away, until the only thing that mattered was the words on the page before me. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen as quickly either…History and romance lovingly entwined….heartbeats and breaths and so many moments….From the beautiful way with words to the brilliant characters, there wasn't one thing I didn't love about Highland Crown!”

— Ashley Collins, GoodReads Review

 “I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I was quickly pulled into the lush landscape of this tale. The balance of historical events with fictional pizzazz made for the perfect bit of escapism…” 

— Escape in a Book, GoodReads Review

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