Highland Jewel

Royal Highlander Series: Book 2



“Oh my goodness. This book is fabulous. May McGoldrick does it again and it's even better then the last. From the second I started reading I surrendered my heart to Maisie and Niall. These two characters were so well matched in every way. They were both courageous, strong, and loyal to their causes. They did what had to be done with no thoughts as to how what might happen to themselves. I felt like I was part of the book. I was a simple bystander to one of the greatest stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This book literally blew my mind!

– Alison Pridie, Amazon Review

“This was an absolutely-delightful, romantic romp through the Highlands. It had all the essential elements that make for a great, historical romance read. The story line was interesting, and the characters were complex and rich with life. I enjoyed this book immensely!”

– Tam Windsor, BookBub Review

Fantastic historical romance! As much as I loved Book 1, Highland Crown, I have to admit I love this one more. Still the same all-consuming historical detail that requires frequent reality checks to make sure you're still in the 21st Century, but this one was a little more sweetly focused on the romance. And oh, what a romance! Maisie is so sweet, so perfect for Niall, and oh boy is he worthy of more than a few swoons! An love story for the ages, to be sure, yet it also felt like these were everyday people that we'd be friends with in real life. I was completely swept away, and I couldn't have loved it more.”

– Viper Spaulding, BookBub Review

I still can’t quite see, given the historical context of the time, how Cinead and Isabella can get any sort of satisfyingly happy ending considering the impressive forces arrayed against them (and the fact that I know very well he didn’t get to be King of Scotland :P) but I can’t wait to read the third book in the series, Highland Sword, to find out how May McGoldrick manage to wrap this all up. I have every confidence they’ll manage it in some satisfying but unexpected way, though, because honestly this pair of authors are some of the best you’re going to find writing historical romance today. Weaving real historical events with fiction with such a deft touch the lines blur into insignificance, there are history lessons blended with a wonderful romance in every story.”

– Brutally Honest Reviews

“Another outstanding historical novel!….I love the fierce but very real characters that May McGoldrick brings to life through her books; and Maisie, Fiona and Niall are no exception. The history is rich and from page one as a reader you are thrown into the political turmoil of the late 18th and early 19th Century Scotland and England. There is plenty of background story to flesh it out and even though the story goes between two time points it is still easy to follow. I loved everything about it and for me it is another 5 star read!”

– Becca Bradley, BookBub Review

This story is more than a love story. This is a significant story about a time in history when there was turmoil in the lives of nearly every person who lived in Britain.
It is a story of heroism, commitment to a cause, integrity, courage and many qualities we all would like to believe we hold in our hearts.
The authors have done their home work and their historic details are precise and accurate. The plot moves along at a good pace. They also have created characters who are admirable as well as very human.”

– Texanne, Amazon Review

I love reading well written Scottish Historical Romances. May McGoldrick has an amazed writing style, and the story lines are creative. They are experts at researching the period, and their characters draw you in and transport the reader to another time and place. Maisie and Niall’s story weaves romance, action and suspense with Scotland’s rebellious quest for independence from England….There are twists, turns and surprises that keep the reader engaged, as well as unexpected villains. A surprise at the end made this story well worth the read….In my personal opinion, this story is an outstanding read that I highly recommend.”

– Aquamarine1951, Amazon Review

Highland Jewel by May McGoldrick is a fantastic historical romance. The actual history of the time is highlighted in this book as much as the character's story. I loved that, but folks that aren't big fans of history might not care for this book as well as others they may have read by this author. Maisie spends her time secretly writing speeches for the Female Reform Society and attending forbidden protests. Niall is a retired officer of the 42nd Royal Highlanders and just wants to find a peaceful life with his sister and nieces. Maisie and Niall's story is full of drama, humor, sexy bits, action and cover to cover suspense. I enjoyed reading Highland Jewel and look forward to my next book by May McGoldrick. Highland Jewel is Book 2 of the Royal Highlander Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.”

– Deb D., Amazon Review

Loved this book! This is a deeply engrossing story of a young woman, Maise, who is in love with a retired military man, Niall. They are caught in a time of great turmoil, as Maise leads a women's reform movement that is in direct conflict with laws. This puts her in the cross hairs of unscrupulous enforcers of the recent laws. At the same time, Niall is being pressured to take a position of authority with these same enforcers. When unimaginable events unfurl, the trajectory of their lives, and those close to them, are completely changed and redirected.
I found myself totally immersed in this book and flipping pages just as quickly as possible. The characters had depth and felt real as they came to life on the pages. I found myself invested in their story and wanting them to get their HEA ending.”

– LQ., Amazon Review

“Highland Jewel is the second installment in the Royal Highlander series, and I found this book to be entertaining, romantic, and full of adventure! This story doesn't just pick up where the first book left off, it also fills in a lot of the background leading up to the events in both novels. This book is filled with intrigue, treachery, and danger, and I really enjoy reading about the events that transpired in Scotland in the early 19th century. I didn't know a lot about that time in history, and it is fascinating! The book is fast-paced as we follow the plight of Maisie and Niall, two young people who fall in love at a time that is unsettled and perilous. Although this book could work as a standalone, it is certainly better and more complete if you read the books in the series in order. I look forward to Book 3!”

– Susan Peterson, Amazon Review

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