The Rebel

sequel to...the Promise

WANTED…for crimes against the king
In retaliation for the brutality of the English troops. The Irish rebel Egan is fighting back, leading a secret group of revolutionaries—and building his legend across the country. 

REJECTED…by his own family
Jane Purefoy is a woman with a past. The daughter of an English magistrate, she watched her Irish lover die on the gallows. Now Jane’s reputation is ruined—and she has all but ceased to exist is the eyes of her family. 

DESIRED…with a forbidden passion.
Sir Nicholas Spencer is on his way to Woodfield House to court the youngest Purefoy sister when he runs afoul of Egan. Not a man to be cowed, Nicholas wrestles the rebel to the ground and unmasks him—only to uncover Jane’s lovely countenance. Bewitched by the spirited lass, Nicholas decides to keep her secret while embarking on a risky plan of seduction, one that will throw her family into chaos, the country into rebellion, and his heart into the throes of a love that can never be…

TOUCHED MY HEART! Nicholas and Jane’s story is wonderful as it deals with real Irish history. Our heroine has been devastated in her teen years, but this hurt makes her the selfless woman she has grown into. Our hero has had a good life, a bit of a rake...when he realizes he needs to have a purpose in life. Their story keeps you guessing. Great ending! - Amazon Reader Review

The classic rebel-in-disguise story has never been more fun, exciting, or romantic as it is in May McGoldrick’s fabulous new novel. Miss Jane Purefoy has all the talent, finesse and innate sexiness of the Scarlet Pimpernel. Don’t miss a word of her passionate adventures! – Susan Wiggs