The 'May McGoldrick Family Tree' Book Information

All of our May McGoldrick books are stand-alone novels, and yet we are never able to let our characters disappear from the pages. Reading each story, you’ll find many friendly faces from earlier novels. Here is a summary of some of the connections:

16th Century Books

 The Thistle and the Rose— while the smoke still lingers from the battle of Flodden Field, Colin Campbell and Celia Muir, a woman-warrior who holds the fate of Scotland in her hands, are introduced. This story is on the list of “Best Historical Romances of All Time.” Thistle also introduces the infamous Macphersons.

 A Midsummer Wedding— the prequel to all the Macpherson series tales. Alexander Macpherson, the patriarch of the family, meets his match in Elizabeth Hay. Reading this, you’ll learn where the Macpherson men got their charm.

Angel of Skye—Alec Macpherson (the oldest son of Alexander and Elizabeth) has served King James with his sword. Now he would give his very soul to protect Fiona Drummond from the past that haunts her and the intrigue that could change the future of Scotland. Alec was introduced in Thistle and the Rose.

Heart of Gold—Alec’s younger brother Ambrose, second son of the Macpherson family, feels a burning desire for Elizabeth Boleyn, the exquisite natural daughter of an English diplomat. But the hated English king wants her, as well, and will stop at nothing to have her. Ambrose was introduced in Angel of Skye.

The Beauty of the Mist— John, the youngest Macpherson brother, has been tasked with bringing home his young king’s intended bride, but en route rescues mysterious Maria, adrift at sea.

The Intended— Malcolm MacLeod, Alec Macpherson’s ward in Angel of Skye, and Jaime Macpherson, daughter of Mary Boleyn (Heart of Gold), have to find their way back to Scotland from the dungeons of the Tudor king.

 Flame—Gavin Kerr, introduced in Heart of Gold, finds that the castle he has been awarded holds more than he expects, the “ghost” of the previous owner, Joanna MacInnes, who haunts the burnt towers and the secret passages. 

 Tess and the Highlander (RITA© Award Finalist)— Colin Macpherson, the youngest son of Alec and Fiona (Angel of Skye), washes up on a remote island off the coast of Scotland, only to find a solitary young woman, Tess Lindsay.

~~The Highland Treasure Trilogy follows the exploits of the Percy sisters, who each hold a clue to their family’s treasure…and the key to the hearts of three Highland warriors.

The Dreamer—When her late father was branded a traitor to the king, Catherine Percy finds sanctuary in Scotland. But a case of mistaken identity puts her in a compromising position with John Stewart, the Earl of Athol (introduced in Flame).

The Enchantress—Level-headed Laura Percy (the second Percy sister) takes shelter in the Highland, but when she is abducted by William Ross, the fearsome Laird of Blackfearn, all her well-made plans are torn asunder.

The Firebrand—Adrianne Percy (the youngest Percy sister) is hidden in the Western Isles, safe from her family’s enemies, until her sisters send Wyntoun MacLean to return her to the Highlands. Colin Campbell and Celia Muir (from The Thistle and the Rose) make an appearance in this exciting trilogy finale.

~~The Scottish Relic Trilogy—historical romance, served up with a touch of magic. Three women have inherited power that a rogue English commander will kill to possess.

Much Ado About Highlanders—In this series starter, Alexander and James Macpherson, the two older sons of Alec and Fiona (Angel of Skye) find more trouble than they counted on. Alexander wants his runaway bride back, but a deadly secret from Kenna Mackay's past has surfaced, and a heartless villain is closing in.

Taming the Highlander (RITA© Award Finalist)—Innes Munro has the ability to read a person’s past simply by touching them. Conall Sinclair, the Earl of Caithness, carries scars courtesy of English captors. Both of them are reluctant to let the other close, but neither can deny their growing attraction.

Tempest in the Highlands—Miranda MacDonnell is shipwrecked on the mythical Isle of the Dead with the notorious privateer Black Hawk. Gillie the Fairie-Borne, introduced in The Firebrand, appears in the novel as he searches for his lost family.

Arsenic and Old Armor— This hilarious medieval retelling of Arsenic and Old Lace is in part set in the Western Isles, and Alec and Fiona (Angel of Skye) make an appearance


Our Georgian & Regency Era Books

 The Promise (USA Today Bestseller)—prequel to the Pennington Family series. Rebecca Neville   and the Earl of Stanmore start a new saga.

 The Rebel—Jane Purefoy and Sir Nicholas Spencer (introduced in The Promise) fight colonial power in Ireland.

~~With the Scottish Dream Trilogy, the Pennington Family series gets underway as three brothers struggle with the memory of Emma, an enigmatic young woman whose tragic and mysterious death at Baronsford Castle threatens to divide the family forever. 

Borrowed Dreams—Millicent Wentworth (introduced in The Promise) and Lyon Pennington, the Earl of Aytoun, start a new series of novels.

Captured Dreams—Pierce Pennington (the younger brother of the Earl of Aytoun, Borrowed Dreams) and Portia Edwards search for family in Boston and in Scotland.

Dreams of Destiny—David Pennington, the youngest Pennington brother, and Gwyneth Douglas solve the mystery of Emma’s murder.  

Romancing the Scot—The Pennington Family series moves into the Regency Era and follows the romantic adventures of the next generation, starting with Hugh Pennington, the eldest son of Lyon and Millicent (Borrowed Dreams) and Grace Macpherson Ware, a descendant of the Macphersons of Benmore.  

 It Happened in the Highlands—Jo Pennington, the adopted daughter of Lyon and Millicent (Borrowed Dreams, Romancing the Scot), and Captain Wynne Melfort search for her birth-parents at an ancient abbey-turned-asylum in the foothills of the Cairngorms. 

 Sweet Home Highland Christmas (RITA© Award Finalist)— Gregory Pennington meets his match when he is tasked with conveying Freya Sutherland and her five-year-old niece from the Highlands to Baronsford for the annual Christmas Ball.

 Sleepless in Scotland —Phoebe Pennington, the fourth sibling in the Pennington family, and Captain Ian Bell fall in love even as they are haunted by the murder of his sister. 

Dearest Millie—Millie, the youngest Pennington, and Dermot McKendry, a Highland doctor, finally meet and find their own Happily Ever After.

How to Ditch a Duke—Lady Taylor Fleming has been chased into the Highlands by a fortune-hunting duke. So why is it that friends Millie Pennington (Sleepless in Scotland, Dearest Millie) and her husband, Dermot McKendry (It Happened in the Highlands, Dearest Millie), seem to be deserting her and helping the pursuer?

~~The Royal Highlander Series - three extraordinary women in the Highlands of Scotland find courage to defy the world at a tumultuous moment when a new Scottish identity will be forged or a political assassination will divide a nation forever.

Highland Crown—Isabella Drummond (mentioned in Dearest Millie) and Cinaed Mackintosh fight for their lives against a English officer who has pursued her into the Highlands.

 Highland Jewel—Maisie Murray, Isabella’s younger sister, and Niall Campbell, a former officer in the Royal Highland Regiment, must find a way to stand up to the destructive forces that threaten to divide them.

 Highland Sword — Morrigan Drummond, Isabella’s step-daughter, is a firebrand who meets her match with Aidan Grant in this exciting conclusion to the Royal Highlander Series.


Ghost of the Thames…a Dickensian love story set in London.