May McGoldrick Street Team 

Hi You Lovelies,

Thank you so much for thinking of volunteering for the McGoldrick Bookies Street team. No worries. No gambling-related activities are required. You can’t lose. 😊

Jim and I created this group as a place where we can hang out with friends who are especially partial to our work.

Some of the awesome benefits:

Sneak peeks at cover and title reveals, excerpts from future books, etc.

Bonus book-related content such as t-shirts, bookbags, printable artworks, maps, bookmarks, etc.

 A little bit of work (you don’t have to do all of this but what you can do to help will be appreciated!):

Word-of-mouth promotion – talking about/recommending our books to your family members, friends etc.

Leaving reviews of our book/s on Amazon, Goodreads and your own personal blogs

Hosting us for an interview or guest post on your blog

Sharing others' reviews and social media posts about us/our books

Suggesting our books to book clubs and requesting them at libraries

Recruiting other street team members

If you spot our books in a bookstore, grocery store, wherever…sending us pictures. 😊 We are wicked shallow like that.

All the wonderful ways that you think of, but we don’t…as we are horrible at this stuff.

Be sure to sign up for our private Facebook page, exclusive to Bookies!