Nonfiction by Nikoo and James A. McGoldrick

Relationship, Marriage, Creative Writing Skills, and the Art of Collaboration


Marriage of Minds: Collaborative Fiction Writing

In this part how-to book, part relationship book, Marriage of Minds presents the strategies and techniques you need for creating productive collaborations and successful fiction. Drawing on their own personal and professional relationship, and on the relationships of other well-known collaborative teams, the McGoldricks walk writers through the essentials of a successful writing collaboration.

Artistic collaboration is the most dangerous game around, except maybe for love. The McGoldricks have mastered both. I thought from the first time that I met them that they had something special going on. Now I understand the basis of their magical marriage. It’s called collaboration.

- Evan Maxwell, best-selling novelist, collaborator, and writing columnist
Anecdotes from the frontlines...
- Jane Steinberg
There is a tremendous amount of information that is useful to any aspiring writer, a sort of quiz of required talents and a realistic, hard look at the difficulties involved in getting published and achieving success.

Step Write Up: 21st Century Creativity Skills

Step Write Up provides hands-on exercises for teachers and for any workshop leader endeavoring to bring 21st century collaboration and writing skills into the classroom.

To accomplish this, the authors have assembled lessons that can be modified for your own specific personalities, uses, and grade levels. Some are icebreakers that are aimed at promoting communication and collaborative teamwork. Some are lessons that provide for individual creativity and then lead into opportunities for group sharing and critiquing. And the authors go even further, showing how the products of these creative efforts can even carry us into areas of initiative and entrepreneurialism.

There is a short “lead-in” to many of the lessons. In each of those, they refer to New York State Curriculum Standards that the content of the lesson addresses.

Scribbling Women
& the Real-Life Romance Heroes Who Love Them

Twenty-eight romance fiction writers from diverse subgenres reveal their real-life stories of how they met, wed and love—and are loved and supported by—their spouses and life partners. 
Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick’s contribution to the collection: 

   "Soul Mates for a Thousand Lifetimes"

All net proceeds from sales of this anthology will be donated to Win (formerly Women In Need).
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