A Midsummer Wedding

Originally published in the novella collection Say Yes to the Scot...

Now out in its OWN edition!

You are formally invited to the

Highland wedding event of the year.

(Regrets Only!) 

Their marriage was two decades in the making. Elizabeth Hay is young, educated, and has her own ideas about her life. Alexander Macpherson is a Highlander and a pirate and not about to be tied down to some delicate court flower. But honor dictates they go through with the betrothal arranged when they were still children.

Now the wedding ceremony is only a week away. Each wants to put an end to the nuptials, but fate has a way of bollixing the best-made plans. As the biggest storm in memory sweeps through Scotland and the floods leave them swimming for their lives, Elizabeth and Alexander must face up to the one thing they never expected. 

The love affair that started it all!

Find out where those Macpherson men got their (ahem...) charm!


"A midsummer Wedding" is a Prequel to Angel of Skye, Book 1 of the Macpherson Clan series

Find out where those Macpherson men got their charm!

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