Arsenic and Old Armor

Originally Published as Love and Mayhem by Nicole Cody

Arm yourself…for the wedding of the sixteenth century!

Forget the English. Forget the Reformation. Forget your sanity…

Try getting married when your betrothed can wield an iron pot with deadly accuracy, her mad uncle thinks he’s William Wallace, and her two maiden aunts can’t finish a sentence—or a thought—on their own…

Such are Sir Iain Armstrong’s troubles when he sets out to wed Lady Marion, a convent-raised spitfire. All Iain wants to do is fulfill their fathers’ wishes, appease two royal courts, and do what is best for the future of Scotland by putting an end to all the troubles in his part of the Borders. All Lady Marion has to do is agree to marry him, which is the last thing on her mind when Iain arrives at the convent. She won’t be taken without a fight.

And even when she realizes that Iain is a man of courage, intelligence, and seductively powerful shoulders, will her eccentric family do what her temper tantrums, willful ways, and pride have so far failed to do—and drive him away forever?

Join in on this medieval Highland spoof of Arsenic and Old Lace… CHARGE!!

Laugh out loud hilarious!! OMG! I’ve never written reviews before, but this has got to be my favorite book ever! Can’t say favorite historical romance because it’s also a romantic comedy or a screwball comedy straight from the 30’s or 40’s. I love the original “Arsenic and Old Lace” stage play and great Cary Grant movie. This lives up to those. I kept picturing Raymond Massey as Jack and most definitely Peter Lorre as “Cardinal” Bane. I actually pictured Carole Lombard as Marion and William Powell as Iain instead of the original actors from the movie. I had to bite my lip from laughing out loud while reading the book in a restaurant. I really enjoy McGoldrick, but this is my favorite! How did I miss this when it came out?!? - Amazon Reader Review

A classic! A great romance novel and ridiculously funny, especially the second half of the book. I love all the May McGoldrick books…I have read them all, but this one is clearly my favorite. - Amazon Reader Review

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