The Enchantress

Book 2 of the highland treasure trilogy


Beginning with The Dreamer, May McGoldrick’s Highland Treasure Trilogy captures the lives and loves of three Scottish sisters. 

Now meet Laura…the Enchantress.

The three Percy sisters hold the secret to a long-lost treasure, coveted by the Lord Deputy of England. Each sister escapes England via a different route.

Fleeing persecution from the English king, level-headed Laura took shelter in the Highlands of Scotland. But when she found herself abducted by the fearsome Laird of Blackfearn, all her well-made plans were torn asunder. His reckless and wild ways left Laura burning in his wake - and awakened in her a passion as untamed as his own….


GREAT STORY... Introduced to this author when I got her Scottish Starter set of three novels. The Dreamer was one of them. I got so wrapped up in the story of the Percy sisters in the Highlands, I had to purchase The Enchantress to continue the saga of their family. The interaction between Laura Percy and William Ross made me anxious, angry, and then chuckling! Going to buy The Firebrand to finish this series. - Amazon Reader Review

ANOTHER FANTASTIC NOVEL!! I read the first book in this trilogy, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint! I read it in a single sitting, and am eagerly awaiting “The Firebrand.” The characters were interesting and believable, and so was the love story — not a given, these days. I heartily recommend this book and the others in the series! - Amazon Reader Review

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