Dearest Millie

A Pennington Family Novella

Lady Millie, youngest of the Pennington family, has always lived in the shadow of her talented and powerful siblings. She’s been the rock of stability and order for her sisters and brothers. Her future looks bright until fate deals her a tragic hand.

Dermot McKendry is a former surgeon in the Royal Navy who has returned to his home in the Highlands to open a hospital. As disorganized as he is passionate, he is a man with wounds and a secret past he has worked a lifetime to hide.

Providence brings them together, but their future may lie beyond redemption. Dearest Millie is a poignant tale of two lovers, life’s calamities, and the healing power of the human heart.

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“Such a beautifully written story that pulled at my heart... A tale of how much the human spirit can take and persevere even with humor at times. Throw in some wonderful animals and a few other tidbits and the author takes you on a journey that you will not soon forget. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great story!”
—Lori D., GoodReads

“OH! My! Goodness! This is the sweetest, most heartwarming book I have read this year. It sucked me in at the first word and I don’t think it has let me go yet. I’m still basking in the warmth and light…”
—Barbara Rogers, GoodReads

“I fell in love with the book from the start... [Millie and Dermot] discover their passion is something they cannot deny and live for today because we don’t know what tomorrow brings our way. A great lesson for all of us!!! May McGoldrick has written an excellent book about one of life’s difficult situations.”
—Debbie Glenn Brown, GoodReads

“This is one of the Dearest books I’ve ever read, it’s so beautiful and touching, I can’t get over the emotion that pulled at me whilst reading it. I cried and laughed in equal measure….a beautiful, romantic story…”
— Maggie Whitworth, GoodReads

“One of the warmest, sweetest, most loving tales I may have ever read. The way love shines in this book warms my heart. It also shows me that sometimes the human heart can heal almost anything.”
—Alison, GoodReads

I read this engrossing emotional novella in a sitting, I laughed & cried, I couldn’t put it down. Millie is the last Pennington sibling to have their HEA...the whole series is brilliant & this is a very fitting finale.”
—Janet, GoodReads

“A beautiful novella that feels more like a full book. I don’t usually get so emotionally involved in short stories. Yet “Dearest Millie” definitely melted my heart, I both laughed and cried reading this spectacular read.”
—Barbee (CelticBarb), GoodReads

“There was so much humor in this story I could not stop laughing. May’s characters come alive and you can’t help but fall in love with them. Her descriptions are so vivid and clear that you feel as if you are back in the 1800s in the Regency era.”
—Kat Wiley, GoodReads

This was such an emotional read, at times I was in tears and at other times I was amused....I loved this book.”
—Cheryl, GoodReads

I loved that Millie does not follow the rules of the time and goes after what she wants...Give it a try, you will laugh out loud, be sad, and happy at the end.”
—Nancy, GoodReads

I couldn’t read it fast must read this one for yourself. It is a wonderful read.”
—Jan Goodard, GoodReads

”Just beautiful - a premise that touches so many of us and told, as always, with sensitivity, love and style.”
—Linda Brown


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