Scottish Dream Trilogy

three complete novels

Borrowed Dreams

Captured Dreams

Dreams of Destiny

Borrowed Dreams Driven to undo the evil wrought by her dead husband, Millicent Wentworth must find a way to save her estate and free the innocent people her husband enslaved. Her only hope is a marriage of convenience with the notorious widower, Lyon Pennington, fourth Earl of Aytoun, who just may be the most handsome-and caring-man she's ever encountered.

Captured Dreams  Portia Edwards will go to any length to find the family she's never known. And when she meets merchant Pierce Pennington, a staunch but secretive Son of Liberty, Portia has the perfect chance to ask for his help. But her stubborn pride keeps her silent. That is, until she recognizes her strong attraction to the brave man who, by night, is known as the infamous Captain MacHeath, smuggling arms by sea under the pall of darkness-all in the name of liberty...

Dreams of Destiny Wounded by scandal and the unsolved murder of his sister-in-law, David Pennington is outwardly insolent and arrogant. But nothing will stop him from escorting his childhood friend, Gwyneth Douglas, to Scotland and saving the Scottish heiress from fortune hunters. But with their arrival in Scotland comes terrible danger. Now, if they ever hope to satisfy their desire, they will need to thwart the evil that threatens to destroy both their lives...

I ENJOYED ALL FOUR AND WOULD GIVE 5 STARS... This was the fourth book that I have read by the husband and wife team writing under the name of May McGoldrick. I enjoyed all four and would give 5 STARS to The Promise, Borrowed Dreams, Captured Dreams, and Dreams of Destiny. The authors write an excellent story with some history thrown in which makes the stories very believable. They show the good and the evil that exists in this world and the love that conquers the evil. I will read more from these authors...
Read these four as a series and begin with The Promise even though it is in a different series. - Amazon Reader Review

ENGROSSING!! Very good read. I found myself emotionally involved with the characters. The hints at the full story from one book to the next is ingenious. You are given just enough information that it makes you eager to read the next one. As I finished the last story and all the intrigue was made clear, I found myself feeling relieved for some of the characters and heartbroken for others. This is my second set stories by this author, I am extremely impressed and will be looking forward to more for of her delightful way of weaving a tale. - Amazon Reader Review

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