The Promise

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Prequel to the Pennington Family Series

On a desperate journey to America, Rebecca Neville promises the dying wife of the Earl of Stanmore to raise and care for her newborn son, James. Once in the New World, Rebecca begins her new life, as a mother...

Ten years later, the Earl of Stanmore learns of the fate of his family. He sends to the colonies for his young heir so he can raise him as a peer of the realm. With no intention of forsaking her vow, Rebecca returns to England with James to face a future without her beloved charge. But she must also face her tumultuous past...

At first glance, the formidable Stanmore sends Rebecca reeling. But beneath his coldly attractive façade and seeming indifference to his son's plight, emotions roil. For there is more to Stanmore and his motives than meets the eye. The enigmatic lord has his own promise to keep, and a passion for Rebecca that cannot be denied...



McGoldrick’s gift for characterization extends from the book’s courageous heroine and wounded hero down to a fascinating cast of secondary characters, including a viperous villain and a wonderfully scheming mistress. This vibrant Georgian historical is perfect for readers who like a nice mix of history and passion. – Booklist Review (American Library Association)

This was one of the first books I had read where the heroine has a child to care for and I thought it might ruin the romance like what sometimes happens in real life with children, but I was wrong! This story is poignant and sweet. The pacing is done well - the hero and heroine are not rushed into any sexual intercourse off the bat. Instead the attraction and romance slowly builds to fire some sizzling, yet romantic love scenes. The story is strong so readers feel like they are actually reading a book with substance, rather than just a weak story that keeps throwing the hero and heroine together for sex. This is actually one element I really love about May McGoldrick. “She” actually writes substantial stories and not facades of a story. The romance is a main part of the book, but there is more to it than just that. There is depth to the story.
The descriptions are wonderful and allow readers to become immersed into the world of the characters. The writing style is very easy to read and detailed. As the condition of my copy of this book can attest to, I wholeheartedly recommend reading this book. - Amazon Reader Review

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