Secret Vows

two complete novels: the promise & the rebel

The Promise
Running for her life on a desperate journey to America, Rebecca Neville promises the dying wife of the Earl of Stanmore to raise and care for her newborn son, James. Once in the New World, Rebecca begins her new life, as a mother.

Ten years later, the Earl of Stanmore learns of the fate of his family. He sends to the colonies for his young heir so he can raise him as a peer of the realm. With no intention of forsaking her vow, Rebecca returns to England with James to face a future without her beloved charge, but she must also face her tumultuous past.

The Rebel
Jane Purefoy is a woman with a past. The daughter of an English magistrate, she takes on the guise of the notorious Irish rebel, Egan, leading a secret band of revolutionaries against the brutality of the colonial troops.

Sir Nicholas Spencer is on his way to Ireland to court Jane’s younger sister when he runs afoul of Egan. Nicholas unmasks the legendary rebel, only to uncover Jane. Bewitched by her, he decides to keep her secret while embarking on a risky plan of seduction, one that will throw her family into chaos, the country into rebellion, and his heart into the throes of a love that can never be.

REAL HEROIC ROMANCE AND LOTS OF HUMOR! Secret Vows was Fabulous!! A very refreshing romance story with the right touch of history, politics, mystery and lots of witty fun moments! I’m a first time reader by Ms. McGoldrick and I’m now anxious to read the next book. Lord Stanmore and Mrs. Ford (Rebecca) had me laughing till the end.
The Rebel, the second book in this amazing edition, was by far one of the most touching, intense, courageous and juicy romances I have read as of late. With Ireland’s beautiful land as the background, The Rebel will touch your hearts as Nick and Jane find the meaning of true Love but not before struggling to disband everything that holds them apart. - Amazon Reader Review

NOT JUST THE AVERAGE HISTORICAL ROMANCE! I really enjoyed this box set. In fact I always enjoy the McGoldrick books. They usually have more than one plot going on at a time, and the history is spot on. I also like the fact that there’s always a sympathetic social subject in most of her novels. They’re not just the average historical romance. I will always be a fan. This box set will not disappoint! - Amazon Reader Review

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