The Beauty of the Mist

A Macpherson Clan Novel

A rugged Highlander sent to retrieve his king’s bride finds a mysterious beauty adrift at sea... 

Maria had been forced to marry at seventeen, then was left widowed shortly thereafter. Now, five years later, her brother had chosen another husband for her, sight unseen – the boy king of Scotland. Maria, who had never known passion or love, refused to submit, vowing to flee to freedom. But the ship she chose went down in the gathering fog, leaving the dark-haired beauty at the mercy of wind and tide, and headed for a shattering destiny.

For it was none other than Highland chief John Macpherson, journeying to bring home his young king’s bride, who rescued the beautiful Maria adrift at sea. Almost from the moment they met, an attraction ignited between them. Maria savored these few stolen days, aware their love could never last once her proud Highlander discovered her true identity.

Maria knew that while following her heart might free her, it would forfeit her beloved’s life.

This book is a pure fairytale, from the characters to the plot, and it is really beautiful and enjoyable. It is entertaining, the dialog is really thoughtful, and there are enough plot twists to keep you riveted to the very last page. I have re-read it a few times now over the years, and its one of my favorites. - Amazon Reader Review

This is another hit! This is another beautiful story interwoven with elements of reality and fantasy. Maria’s character undergoes a huge transformation in the story. She goes from a quiet, malleable person to one who takes charge and makes her own decisions. The love story between Maria and John is passionate and sweet at the same time. Cannot get enough of the MacPherson family! - Amazon Reader Review

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