Dreams of Destiny

book three of the Scottish dream trilogy

“An entertaining book filled with murder, suspense, and humor, and …which stands alone as an exciting tale of the eighteenth century.”

—ALA Booklist

Gwyneth Douglas, a young Scottish heiress in London, writes scandalous adventure books under a pen name, doing so to protect her identity and her fortune. When an unknown blackmailer threatens to expose her secret life, she has no choice but to turn to an old family friend. But Sir Allan is a penniless baronet who will do anything to get his hands on Gwyneth's inheritance, even commit murder...
Wounded by scandal and the unsolved murder of his sister-in-law, David Pennington is outwardly insolent and arrogant, but upon discovering Gwyneth's plans to elope, he steps in, determined to keep her from ruining her future at the hands of a fortune hunter...
Forcing his company on Gwyneth during her journey to Scotland, David discovers that the passion he once shared with the feisty beauty has grown stronger than ever. But with their arrival in Scotland comes terrible danger. Now, if they ever hope to satisfy their fiery desire, they will need to thwart the evil that threatens to destroy both their lives...

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Well written, entertaining end of the Scottish Dreams Trilogy. After reading book one, I had to get book 2, then get book 3 to see how everything came together. Lots of great action and events that lead up to the answer to the question addressed in book one. Also, a different twist to the life of characters in this time period with one of the main characters being a female and a writer!! - Amazon Reader Review

Dreams of Destiny is complex and filled with internal and external conflicts and a variety of skillfully depicted characters. One needn’t worry over becoming confused, however; the McGoldricks are experts at leading their readers through the intricacies of their plots and at creating distinct individuals. Still, for maximum enjoyment, if you haven’t already read the earlier titles, I recommend reading all three novels in the right order. They are all excellent, as well as very different from each other (BORROWED DREAMS has a hero wounded in body and spirit, and CAPTURED DREAMS takes place largely in pre-revolutionary America), and I highly recommend them all. - Romance Reviews Today

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