A Macpherson clan novel

Ironcross Castle was called cursed by the Highlanders. Its most recent lairds had perished in accidents, falls, or fires. The newest owner, Gavin Kerr, did not fear death. It was feeling that he dreaded - the pain of betrayal and loss. Now he arrived at the castle to hear of hauntings and cults, and to be drawn to the portrait of beautiful Joanna MacInnes, who died here amid a furnace of flame. And looking at her, Gavin desired her, feeling an impossible longing to take her in his arms.

But the real Joanna MacInnes escaped the fire that claimed her kin. For months, she has walked Ironcross by night, hiding in its secret passageways, searching for the truth behind the castle's curse. Now she feared it would claim Gavin Kerr. Yet warning him, touching him in the darkness, soon ignited another kind of burning. And even as her lips opened beneath his, she knew time was running out before they faced a heartless villain...a terrifying secret...and a struggle between eternal darkness and the power of undying love.


This was an outstanding Scottish romance! 10 Stars!!!! I absolutely loved this book. It has everything you’ve ever wanted in a gothic romance - mystery, suspense, hidden passageways, hidden damsels in distress, ancient rituals, danger, an awesome hero, a smart heroine, realistic and humorous dialogue, well-developed plot & characters. This is excellent. Buy this book - it’s just wonderful. This is the best I’ve read yet from May McGoldrick. - Amazon Reader Review

LOVED IT! This is a really good read. It is filled with mystery, . Intrigue, adventure and try romance. I loved both the h/h as well as the secondary characters, especially Athol. It was not your typical highland romance novel, but nonetheless, it was really good because it was a romance/whodunit type novel. I would definitely recommend this book , buy it. I can’t w as it to read Athol’s story, I know it will be great as well. - Amazon Reader Review

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